Women of Color: Making Moves with Oakland Digital


Women of Color: Making Moves


You never know what your presence and appearance means to someone. Being a woman of color interested in the Business industry, it is vital to see an example to look up to. People of color and more specifically women of color have a hard time competing in the Business world. To know, but more importantly, to SEE women of color, doing things that you wondered if they even existed is life changing. We know the opportunities present themselves but the possibility of us actually getting these opportunities are hard to imagine, even if we are told that it is possible everyday.

Today, I attended a panel at my school titled “What’s Next In Tech” and the panelists were all women of color. It was exhilarating to meet such humble women who were excited to share their experiences in the world of technology. If I wasn’t interested before in the tech industry before, I am now. Here is a list of the things I learned.

1) There are a such thing as “meet ups”.  – I have heard of Viners meeting up and engaging with their fans but it never occurred to me that people in Business do this tool.

2) The 30 second commercial – In 30 seconds, you should be able to tell someone your name, your title, what you do and what they should come to you for. This is different than an elevator pitch because you are telling the person what they should come to you for.

3) You are a student, USE IT! – Use the fact that you are a student to gain learning experiences from professionals in the field you are interested in. The worst thing they can do is say no.

4) Conferences! – Look for conferences in your area that have to do with the field you are interested in. These can be networking and learning opportunities.

I truly would like to thank the women who showed up today to be present and be involved in passing along messages to the next generation. If no one has ever told you, it is greatly appreciated.


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