Oakland Digital uplifts Bay Area through BRIDGEGOOD


Written by Tiffany R. Lew

Founded in 2009 by Shaun Tai, Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center (Oakland Digital) is a community-based, non-profit design and marketing studio. With Tai as the executive director, the team has been working to bridge the opportunity and digital literacy divide in the Bay Area.

The students selected at Oakland Digital are not software engineers from well-known universities; instead, Tai and his team have chosen to hire local students with diverse backgrounds. The summer 2016 cohort of their digital design internship is comprised of 73% people of color, 80% female, 7% male, and 13% gender nonconforming, all working towards positively impacting small businesses and the local economy. The US Census Bureau estimates that women make up 59% of the US labour force, but only 30% of the technology industry. Comparatively, the local population includes 66% ethnic minorities, 45% male, 49% female and 6% gender nonconforming.

Design & Marketing for Businesses

Oakland Digital is excited to launch BRIDGEGOOD on August 30th, 2016. BRIDGEGOOD is the new media platform “for the creatives, by the creatives” that serves to connect community college and early stage creatives with professional opportunities through collaboration with graphic art and multimedia projects. With outreach efforts reaching 150 local businesses, they are provided with affordable custom design and marketing services, completed in 7 days. BRIDGEGOOD’s scope of services includes 18 creative services including flyer design, basic video editing, and 1-hour digital literacy educational sessions.

Google.org & Golden State Warriors

Through the leadership of Oakland Digital’s Board of Directors, their organization boosted the local economy by $3.2 million since the non-profit’s inception in 2009, and is excited to scale their vision with BRIDGEGOOD. The non-profit’s success is due in large part to major partners such as Golden State Warriors Community Foundation and their multi-year grant benefactor Google.org.

Creativity for the Win

In an industry dominated by coding and programming initiatives, BRIDGEGOOD aspires to build a diverse, design-driven community that uses creativity as a means of economic empowerment. The ultimate goal for the BRIDGEGOOD platform is to bridge the opportunity divide, by solving economic inequalities for students and early stage creatives through connecting them to professional opportunities in the Bay Area.

To learn more visit www.bridgegood.com. To get involved and support the platform, contact Executive Director Shaun Tai shaun@odalc.org.