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Oakland Digital is an award-winning design studio that bridges the opportunity and digital literacy divide among Students, Businesses, and Entrepreneurs. Our tech inclusion initiatives inspire working-age young people career options based on their passions and diversity of life experiences. Since 2009, Oakland Digital has impacted the lives of 5,200 East Bay students and entrepreneurs. Our programs have boosted the local economy by $4.8 million, leading to opportunities for 21st century employment and economic independence.

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Founded 2009

Community-driven and guided by a core set of values.

We believe that technological advancement should benefit society as a whole, not just a privileged segment of the population. As the digital economy continues to expand, it is our responsibility to educate the under-served in digital literacy, design, and marketing, so that they are not excluded from the majority of future opportunities.

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Oakland Digital’s unique collaboration of community, design, and technology inspires us every day to make our organization an even more powerful force for change.

Our vibrant network of professional volunteers work hard – but our success depends on you. We invite you to join us, by making a monetary donation, volunteering for one of our programs, leveraging your network, and contributing to the cause of digital literacy and opportunity for all by enabling and utilizing your unique strengths.


Statement of Need

Oakland Digital is actively supplying under-resourced community members with essential career-related resources, mentorship, digital literacy education, economic autonomy, and career and networking opportunities.

Opportunity Divide

While design jobs (e.g., UI/UX, Graphic, Web) within the tech sector are booming, community college design students are being left behind. Demand and opportunity for design students are high; in fact, the 2nd top-paying workforce of Graphic Designers in the nation resides in the Oakland Metropolitan area. Yet opportunities for community college designers remain scarce. Although these students may be capable, jobs for this marginalized group dwindle as designers from well-resourced colleges secure employment.

Digital Literacy Divide

Nearly 15% of businesses in Oakland are registered as leisure and entertainment—the largest increase of businesses being restaurants and bars. While this may benefit the nightlife, mom-and-pop businesses that provide essential services are becoming extinct, and technological gaps are largely to blame. As the economy becomes increasingly digital, the distribution of wealth tips in favor of the digitally literate, leaving the illiterate in danger of failure.

Tech Inclusion Divide

Recent reports confirm: tech is coming to Oakland. With the development of 300+ tech or Web-based startups in the area, the city faces unique obstacles as a newcomer to the scene. Community members from East and West Oakland are particularly sensitive to the influx of tech from a cultural and economic viewpoint (e.g., gentrification). This is an issue that is close to us, as three-fourths of our board reside here.